About the fund

On July 1, 2017, on the basis of a decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Corporate Charitable Foundation “Kazakhstan Foundation “WAQYP” was established. The main activity of the Foundation is to provide financial charity to the imams.

Mission and goals

  • Generate voluntary donations from legal entities and individuals with a view to sending them to charity and social projects
  • Development of traditional spiritual, moral and religious values, strengthening peace, friendship and harmony in society
  • Ensuring the maintenance of spiritual (religious) educational organizations, buildings and objects of religious, historical, cultural importance, as well as providing support to ministers of religious organizations and associations, employees of spiritual educational organizations
  • Assistance in increasing religious literacy of the population, prevention of radicalism and religious extremism, the provision of psychological and legal assistance and social rehabilitation of citizens affected by the activities of destructive religious movements
  • Formation of traditions of mass charity, fostering a culture of long-term financing of topical social problems with the orientation of all participants in the charitable process towards a more transparent approach to donation management
  • Managing the assets received, movable and immovable property, with the purpose of earning income, and with their further direction to charitable purposes
  • The solution of a number of issues regarding the achievement of charitable, as well as social, cultural, scientific, educational and managerial goals, involvement of qualified clergy to work in remote and rural areas, constantly increasing their level of knowledge, competence and professionalism
  • Achievement of statutory goals and providing full support in the implementation of the tasks set out in the Concept of State Policy in Religious Sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017-2020