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Charitable assistance in the amount of 1 599 000 tenge

On October 20, 2017 Kazakhstan Charitable Fund «Waqyp» rendered financial support to undergraduate students for the 2017-2018 academic year. According to the agreement No. 0/18-17 dated October 26, 2017 financial support was distributed between students of the School of Islamic Studies and Religious Studies. The contract was between Egyptian University of the Islamic Culture «Nur-Mubarak», Aktyubinsk regional mosque «Nur Gasyr», Kazakhstan Charitable Foundation «Waqyp» and the trained student, who was to work as a theologian or imam in Aktobe region. This initiative was proposed by the Aktyubinsk regional mosque «Nur Gasyr» in order to involve graduates of Egyptian University of the Islamic Culture «Nur-Mubarak». Financial support was distributed among following students with excellent academic record:

Radina Baimoldina - 243 000 tenge

Galym Ansagan - 343 000 tenge

Bekzhan Zhetpisbayev 375 000 tenge

Gulzinat Kabdyrakhman - 343 000 tenge

Arnat Kudaybergenov - 294 000 tenge

Total amount of the financial support was 1 599 000 tenge. The selection of students was conducted according to the list of needy. One of the aims of the project was to create employment opportunities for students.

Charitable assistance in the amount of 16 million tenge

On October 16, 2017, the Fund received a letter from the Islamic Institute for Advanced training of Imams of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the SAMK (Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan) with a request for sponsorship and assistance to the Institute to cover the costs of maintenance and building maintenance. The institute provides for the teaching of about 240 imams per. The cost of tuition 50,000 tenge (including room and board), which covers 37% of actual expenses, the rest is covered by the Institute by attracting sponsors and benefactors. The annual budget of the Institute is about 32 million tenge.

Regular financial support

Agreements on charitable assistance have been concluded with regional mosques of Kazakhstan, and the first transfer was made in October 2017. The amount of financial support is 55,000 tenge. Payroll offices of regional mosques provide monthly reports on the payment of regular financial support to the imams. Since January 2018, the number of recipients has increased to 255 people. Nowadays the Fund provides financial support to 355 imams of Kazakhstan.